Social Distance On your Own Land!! Build a Yurt and stay 60 or 600 feet away from others.


Non- traditional home option

Recently, tiny homes have become a popular alternative to traditional homes. More states such as Arizona are allowing tiny homes to be built. Land owners who don’t want to spend a lot of money building a traditional single family home can build a tiny home instead.

One tiny home called a Yurt has become popular. These homes can be made similar to a traditional tent with few luxuries. On the other hand, some Yurts are more luxurious and can include such features as heat, refrigerators, air conditioning, power, kitchens, Living room, and bedroom spaces. Yurts are customizable to meet your needs. A beautiful Yurt can serve as a protective environment for your family.


Temporary or Long-term option

It is your Choice whether you are building a Yurt for temporary or long-term use. This gives the option to build a home quickly on your new land. How could it change your life to buy land and have a Yurt built within 30 days providing a safe, desert Haven away from Covid?

You have the option to live in your Yurt long- term. Another choice is to have your Yurt built quickly so you can move in right away and use your Yurt as a temporary home. In the future, if you have the resources to build a single family home, you could take down your Yurt, move it to another location, and build your single family home on that parcel of land.

Financial options

If you have the time and want to save some money, you can built a Yurt yourself by buying a kit from a local Yurt dealer. A second option is to hire a builder to build your very own Yurt for you. This will be a little more expensive, but might be worth it if your time is limited.

Yurts can be flexible, convenient, and provide a protective oasis for your family for years to come. Consider finding your ideal parcel of land where you can build and design your very own Yurt to meet the needs of your life and family.


Soaring your Land Ownership Dreams