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Mohave County, Arizona

Mohave County is in the northwestern Corner of Arizona.  It is famous for its Wilderness Areas which are managed both by the State and the National Park Service because some of the Grand Canyon National Park is in Mohave. 

It is filled with Ghost Towns left from the days of the Wild West and contains four Indian Reservations.  Lake Havasu City is the largest metropolitan area although Kingman is the County Seat.

Our Property is in Dolan Springs .  Dolan Springs has a small town atmosphere combined with the charm of the Old West.  The cost of living in Dolan Springs is 27% lower than average and it’s housing values have risen by almost 10% in the last year making it a great time to buy in Dolan Springs.

Pima County, Arizona

Because this region lies at an ecological crossroad where habitats and species from the neo-tropics meet the Rocky Mountains and the Sonoran Desert, visitors and residents alike can share in a remarkable diversity of flora, fauna, and geology. Given its wealth of pre-Columbian archeology, history and historic routes, such as the Anza Trail, as well as the living cultures of Native American tribes, Pima County is a hub for those looking for a unique sense of place and many learning opportunities.

The lots we have for sale are in Tucson - rich with history, tourism, and the arts.

Coconino County, Arizona

Coconino County is most famous because the Grand Canyon National park, one of our most treasured National parks is located here, but there is more!  Williams County has something for everyone - the culture and the geography are both very diverse.

Williams, Arizona, where the two lots we have for sale are located, is the sixth largest community in the county.  Flagstaff, which is the county seat, is the largest.  Sedona although smaller is probably the most famous. 

Williams is located on the historic Route 66 and is known as the Gateway to the Grand Canyon mainly because the southern terminus of the Grand Canyon Railway is in Williams.  It boasts a rich heritage that features the Old West and is one of the trendy tourist destinations.


Thanks, Laura. I received the deed. Thank you so much! That couldn’t have been any easier working with you and Colonial Land Solutions!!!

Z.L., Arizona

When we decided to sell our land to Colonial Land Solutions, we were wondering how everything would turn out.  We were happy to determine early in the process that  Laura and Colonial Land Solutions were very trustworthy. Laura kept us updated through the entire process and everything went as Laura had promised. Colonial Land Solutions was great to work with and things went very well. We sold them our land and received our payment in a timely manner.  Thanks, Laura. It was great doing business with you and Colonial Land Solutions.

Douglas and his son Michael, Oklahoma

I recently conducted a business transaction whereby I sold my property in Tucson, Arizona to Colonial Land Solutions. My experience was professional, friendly and was concluded as promised. Doing business with Laura and Colonial Land Solutions goes without saying and comes highly recommended. I am a semi-retired I.T. and Accountant in the Minneapolis/St Paul area.

James R., Minnesota

I worked with Laura to help provide photos of her properties. She’s been one of my easiest clients to work with and has been very professional, always keeping her word. I would expect no less treatment to her potential clients – highly recommend her!

Rebecca, AZ



Our mission is to Soar your Land Ownership Dreams to New Heights by finding wonderful properties that can be sold at a price that anyone can afford without hassles or headaches.

We provide property with a good, clean title for you to purchase as an investment, as an inheritance for your children,  build your dream home, park an RV as allowed by county laws,  to use in whatever way you choose. We have focused our efforts in Arizona right now,  discovering these properties that we are able to bring to you at such affordable prices. In the future we plan to grow and expand by purchasing unique land parcels in other Western states as well.  We want to provide as many land options as possible for our customers.

Our goal is to sell you a unique parcel of land that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Why Us?

Steve and Laura are hardworking family oriented people who truly believe in the American Dream.  Everyone should be able to own their own land, build their own castle, or whatever they wish!

We found our very first property and realized when we found one, with hard work and research we could discover more affordable land options for our customers and be able to provide Land Ownership to all.  We currently have several parcels of land available for you - please choose whichever one suits your needs and we will make the transfer of the property to you and your family simple and almost effortless.

We offer a guarantee that you will be pleased with your purchase and look forward to hearing from you!


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